Ideas don't come fully formed, they are often whispers inside your head. Train the muscle that listens to them often and nurture them.


"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with" is true but in the information age "You're the average of the five ideas you spend the most time with" is truer.

via Negativa

What not to think is more important than what to think in this abundance age.

Mental Models

Maps to follow when all hell breaks loose.


Don't pre-judge.

Critical Thinking

If you are right you are a contrarian, if you are wrong you are just a moron.

Truth is peace, Knowledge is therapy

If it's painful it isn't the truth. Accepting things therapies us. There is nothing sweet about the truth but the truth.


You learn best what you teach. You will think in ways you talk.


Emotions are “lubricants of reason.” We need to feel things to think clearly.


If you are not curious enough to explore a certain idea, discipline can't help you.

Map is not the territory

Your worldview isn't complete and it can't be.


Practicing a path of reasoning inside your head will often be beneficial in times when you can't think.


Thinking processes are also habitual.


All desires are marketed.


Mental tools are important.


A layer of abstraction, things you can do without thinking.

Ditch tertiary, Embrace primary

Find the person who coined the term and start from there. ideas are seeds. trunks are more important than branches.


"There is a phase in life when you experience the thrill of learning things. And then, this second one when you figure out how to unlearn things, discarding beliefs with the same secret pleasure you get peeling scabs, picking your nose or squeezing blisters." - nntleb


We are physical beings. It doesn't matter how much you try to fit your world on a screen, it simply isn't there.


Creativity is inversely proportional to how organized you are.

Ideas come and go, Stories stay

The best recall about concepts and ideas I have are related to my personal experiences and in the form of stories.

Thinking clearly

You are not thinking clearly if:

  • your beliefs align perfectly with a group.
  • you can't entertain opinions against your beliefs.
  • you overthink and your head hurts.
  • you only think not do.
  • you are angry against people you shouldn't be angry against.